Watch the stages of New Construction!

Here is the progression of a build!

This home started in the office with a floor plan, a meeting, and a family that was ready to build. Together with the builder their home was planned, their ideas were put on paper, and soon this house was underway.

Following the initial planning, you will find yourself picking out fixtures, choosing tile, color schemes and all of the fun stuff that makes a house your home!
Building a home is definitely a process that takes time, planning, attention to detail and a group of people working together to accomplish the completion of your new home. Here at GMC Construction of NC, we like to make it easy for our clients. We like the building process to be a memorable experience from start to finish. Greg Caulder, the builder, sits down with each client and works diligently to answer all questions the clients may have, and provides you with the peace of mind that once you have marked every wall and plotted every fixture, you will be well on your way.

You will be able to rest easy knowing that your builder has taken care of everything to ensure the quality and completion of your new property.

Following along with the progress and watching all of the steps to completion of your own home definitely is an experience like no other. We want to offer your family a personalized experience and keep you involved in the process from planning to completion. Call us to find out more and to start your home today!