Do you have granite counter tops? Here are some tips on keeping up with them!

Granite Countertops are made to last! Proper care of your countertops can make them last a lifetime. Here are a few tips for keeping your countertops looking top shape.

  • Keeping your countertops mess-free is the first step for maintaining your granite. Whenever you use your kitchen, clean as you go. If you spill anything acidic they can stain easily. Wipe them up quickly. 
  • Wipe your counters with a soft, dry, or damp microfiber cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals like bleach, ammonia, vinegar, or citrus based cleaners.
  • Natural stone is very porous and can stain easily if not sealed right or needs to be resealed. If you see a stain in your countertops the best remedy to rid of the stain is simple. Mix baking soda and water into a paste. Using a soft cloth or sponge, massage it into the stain gently. Then rinse it thoroughly with plain water. You may need to repeat the process several times to get the stain out completely. For a tough stain, apply the paste and leave it. Next, cover the spot with plastic wrap and keep it in place until it dries, then remove the wrap and with away the paste with a soft cloth, and rinse the spot with water.
  • Resealing your countertops is another task you will need to take care of. However, not all granite needs to be resealed. If you are not sure if your countertops need resealing, try this. Spill a little water on the surface, and make a little puddle. If the water beads up immediately, you are good. However, if the water begins to sink in and leaves a dark spot, you need to reseal them soon.
  • Most of the maintenance surrounding your countertops consists of day-to-day clean-ups and wiping up spills. But around once a year, take the time to closely examine your countertops to look for potential issues. Check the surface for stains and scratches. Pay close attention to seams and edges. These are the areas most vulnerable to cracking and shifting. If you find stains, scratches, cracks, split seams, or any other issues, call a stone care professional. Please do not put off fixing issues when you uncover them. Delaying repairs can make it much more costly and difficult to repair.