A little history, a lot of charm!

There is quite a bit of history here in our great state of North Carolina! One of our family's favorite things to do is go out and explore the little side road we have never been down or visit a town we have never been to, hike a trail that is new to us.  There is a certain sense of adventure getting out and learning about historic places and seeing sites that are rich in history.  One of our first trips out to Moore County we found ourselves over in the area of Allison Page Road. Here you will find the Page Mansion. It is an impressive 6,000-plus-square-foot brick home  built on eight acres in 1913.  While clearly it had found itself needing a little bit of TLC, you could still feel the history and charm of this remarkable property.  The staircase stood tall and proud in the entry while it's windows still had the curtains draped and blowing in the wind.  There was a loose brick here and there but walking through the property, you knew that the house had all the bones of a time past, and the charm to see it's way into the future. 

Click the link below to read more about the Mansion and its history. You will not be disappointed. 

Page Mansion History

Now, the Page Mansion is getting a new lease on life and being restored! Soon it will be thriving and holding a family of its own again.

Check out this article introducing the couple that purchased this great home and has plans to restore it for their own family. We just cannot wait to see what they will do with the Page Mansion!

Local Couple Chronicles Renovation of Aberdeen Mansion

The area of the Page Mansion is very quaint and unique.  Thanks to the recent development in Moore County and with the new construction seeing a boom, you can find your own home nestled in this charming area of Moore County.  Imagine finding yourself just a short walk from this great piece of history. Our new construction in Shepherd Trail is just that, a short walk from this historic site. You can watch the progress of the renovation for yourself!  Check out our current inventory to view our homes and lots available for Presale in Shepherd Trail!  This is truly an opportunity to start your own memories in a home right in the area of the Page Mansion. GMC Construction of NC offers the little extra touches while building your home to help you create a charmer of your own! 

Come check out a little history and find yourself a lot of charm!

Take Hwy 5 to Allison Page Road, (take a peek at the beautiful Page Mansion while driving by),  Allison Page Road turns left and becomes Woodgreen Drive, turn right on to Shepherd Trail. Continue on Shepherd Trail to Mulberry and Yellowwood Drive.  

You can also call Nancy Davis, Remax Choice at 910-222-0451 for more information on houses near completion as well as lots available for Presale in the Shepherd Trail neighborhood.